Monday, 5 August 2002

Mitral Valve Prolapse: Get The Facts Before Treating - It Could Be Dysautonomia

Many people are diagnosed each year with mitral valve prolapse, which indicates that one or both of the mitral valves aren't opening and shutting correctly as blood is pumped from the top part of the heart to the bottom part where it then goes out to the rest of the body. This diagnosis infers that the valve is prolapsed due to a structural problem with the valve itself, requiring surgical correction or replacement to correct the problem.

People usually go to the doctor with symptoms like lightheadedness or fainting (syncope), racing heart when standing (tachycardia), gastrointestinal issues, general fatigue, low blood pressure, numbness, brain fog, etc., and when tests indicate that blood flow through the heart isn't right, or it looks like the valves aren't opening and shutting right, then the diagnosis is often mitral valve prolapse. Then for some reason, this diagnosis infers that there is something structurally wrong with the valve. What's important to keep in mind about this diagnosis is that the dysfunction of the valve may not be a structural defect that requires surgery--it may actually be a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system or dysautonomia that is actually behind the valve not operating properly.

As you might guess, mitral valve prolapse often has symptoms similar to dysautonomia symptoms. And when they can't put their finger on exactly what is causing the valve dysfunction or the group of symptoms, they call it MVP syndrome--which is actually dysautonomia when you get down to the details. Fortunately, many forms of dysautonomia can be treated and effectively with a variety of natural treatment options including nutritional supplementation, exercise, maintaining proper water and electrolyte balance, and other things that don't require surgery.

Granted, in some cases there is a structural defect or problem with the valve that does require surgery to correct. But if there's any doubt at all about that, it can be more than worth your while to seek the opinion of an autonomic disorder specialist or dysautonomia doctor and at least let them run a few tests, and certainly before undergoing surgery. And the best places to do that is to Google something like dysautonomia doctor or dysautonomia treatment center. Even if there isn't one locally where you are, it can be worth it to travel to a top-rated clinic and get some definitive answers before you start other treatment protocols. It is far better to be as clear as possible about what is going on and then begin treatment than to start treatments when you're not sure.

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Monday, 6 May 2002

Cancer Research and Mitchell Foy's Coloured Space-Time Model

During the 20th Century the mechanical logic of quantum mechanics ruled global technological culture. The result of this in the 21st Century is one of an obsession with continual economic growth bringing about an acceleration of worldwide economic chaos.

Millions of refugees, desperate for an escape from fundamental religious terrorism and requiring food and shelter, depict the abysmal failure of prevailing economic reality. To increasing numbers of desperate people, leaders advocating various glorious escape from crippling poverty through warfare, offer some very vague glimmer of hope and their mobilisation for armed conflict becomes a brief respite from their hideous and hopeless boredom. This can be considered to be a carcinogenic growth situation.

This issue depicts quantum mechanics logic as some sort of cancerous growth inhabiting the mind of science, economics and religious political ambition. This is to be expected, as the scientific understanding of the energies governing quantum mechanics logic have been classified as the energies of chaos. However, in cancer research another form of energy has been discovered. It is called information energy, which, in the emerging science of quantum biology, entangles with the chaos energy to evolve emotional consciousness. The 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, wrote that ignorance of that evolutionary process depicted a primitive carcinogenic mindset.

It is now possible to immortalise Einstein's genius, by freeing it from the limitations of quantum mechanical reality. Many scientists are becoming aware of the existence of this newly emerging human survival logic. However, the prevailing universal heat death paradigm, upholding a mechanistic world-view, demands the entropic destruction of all life and is preventing its sustainable futuristic development.

A logical association with the living process and Isaac Newton's published but little known description of gravitational force, is important. He held gravity as being responsible for the evolution of emotional consciousness within an infinite universe. It is not difficult to establish logical associations linking the living process to his theory of gravitational force. His concept of gravity demolishes the sterile logic of quantum mechanics. The incorrect assumption that his concept of gravity was caused by mechanical chaos physics principles within an infinite universe, was a very serious mistake. The only mathematics capable of supporting his concept of infinite evolving emotional consciousness, belongs to infinite fractal logic. However, the closed system logic upholding quantum mechanics demands thermodynamic extinction rather the living process belonging to an open system of infinite evolution.

The Mark Robinson model of space-time reality was referred to within a quantum biology paper published by the philosophers of science Huping Hu and Maoxin Wu. His model was selected as an example of open system thinking in defiance of the prevailing paradigm of thermodynamic energy modelling. Of interest is a theory belonging to Mitchell Foy, which links colour perception with information theory to Robinson's space-time model.

Traditionally, colour is understood as being a product of consciousness. Mitchell Foy argues that biological survival depended upon recognition of the uniqueness of coloured information. For example, an awareness of poisonous food or predictor intent, depended upon an astute colour sense within the mind. At a more complex informational energy level, colour perception plays a crucial role in real-time survival knowledge. Red, green and blue cone cells within the human retina known as photo receptor cells, transmit important wavelength energy information to the mind. In particular, this theory relates to Robinson's changing wavelength phenomenon of past present and future components within a single moment of time, and this might well be of crucial survival interest.

Foy blends the term 'chrontextual information' as a significant addition to Robinson's depiction of the functioning of universal space-time energy information. From a cancer research perspective this is an important observation. In vibrational colour theory the Doppler effect causes constant change to the structure of information energy states. Red shift represents past reality and a preoccupation with its fixed factual awareness can be seen as depicting a cancerous closed mindset state of static consciousness. In simplified terminology, green vibrational space-time reality presents awareness of perceptual reality, while blue shift vibrations represent anticipated or expectational reality, an intuitive pattern recognition survival function with the human mind.

Mitchell Foy's space-time colour theories appear to contribute to Newton's concept of an emotional gravitational consciousness. His linking of future human participation within an infinite universal reality describes Aristotle's science to guide ennobling government for the health of the universe. As the mathematician Georg Cantor insisted, the greatest obstacle to developing Aristotle's ethical political science is for scientists to retain their prevailing mindset, held within the chaotic confines of a fixed past reality.