Wednesday, 2 January 2013

DIY Home Improvement

DIY Home Improvement :: Silverline Chrome metallic element 1/2" Drive Deep Socket 19mm. Forge Steel Slotted five.5 x 40mm Magnetic tip Screwdriver. rib Coach Bolt M6 x 75mm + round the bend Pack of one hundred. Philips Countersunk Head metal CR3 Plated screw M6 x 12mm Pack of 250. ToolPak RB04 150mm Shark Saw Blades Pack of five

Machine Screws / Phillips / Pan Head / Steel / metal / ten thousand laptop. Carton. 1 Nov 2012. Machine Screws / Phillips / Pan Head / Steel / metal / ten,000 Pc. Carton. Screw, Pan Head, Phillips Drive, M3 x 35, 35mm Length (Pack of 100) · $>Best. x 1/2 in. Round-Head dance band Zinc-Plated Machine Screws, 100-Count. Socket screw, Hex Socket Drive, M6-1.00, fourteen millimeter Length (Pack of 100)

Zinc Plated Steel screw Pan Head Phillips Drive M40 seven. Save on metal Plated Steel screw Pan Head Phillips Drive M40 seven 8mm. metal Plated Steel screw, Pan Head, Phillips Drive, M6-1, 50mm Length one hundred. #10-24 x 3" Phillips Pan Head metal Plated screw, Pack of one hundred

Product Details of

Brand: little elements 
Product or half Number: B003R7JF3Q
Technical Details
Machine Screws ar typically used with round the bend or driven into abroach holes
Zinc Plated Steel fasteners ar appropriate wherever strength and corrosion resistance ar primary issues
Pan head permits for higher adjustment torques
Phillips drive is meant to cam out underneath an excessive amount of force


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